What it does is lets you watch videos while still allowing you to use other programs on your desktop as the video is played on a semi-transparent window. ATI does have the newer Theater video chip with hardware MPEG2 encoding, and we found it to be excellent in our round-up of stand-alone TV tuner cards not long ago. You don’t have to point this remote at the receiver, although the infrared-trained will find it hard to resist, which can make for hours of unintentional comedy. The Theater chip is on board the All-in-Wonder X card as well. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Besides the card itself, the great connection blocks are included.

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Graphics Previous page Next page. AVIVO continues to improve offering good tools for conversions and great quality in video playback of high definition formats. ATI does have the newer Theater video chip with hardware MPEG2 encoding, and we found it to be excellent in our round-up of all-in-woder TV tuner cards not long ago.

Its USB receiver thingy. But thanks to its 48 shaders running at MHz, the AIW X rips through 24 billion pixel shader all-in-wonderr each second. Add up all of the AIW’s amazing number of input and output capabilities, and you have more cables than Comcast.

ATI’s All-In-Wonder X graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 3

For the test, we ran the benchmark at maximum detail and used a demo that was included all-in-wonrer the game. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Our all-in-wonddr with this program remain the same: With the All-in-Wonder X, you can download the latest drivers to take advantage of the card to lower the CPU requirements to all-un-wonder H. It’s regal, I guess. The Remote Wonder Plus is a nice thin remote that operates without the need for line of sight. I’d prefer a video card with Y, Pr, and Pb ports coming out of a simple, three-way output adapter.


I also prefer the tapered shape of the Plus when using the pointer “mushroom” to control the mouse pointer.

Review: ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X – Graphics – – Page 2

That’s a Microtune silicon tuner, the device that receives RF signals from over-the-air broadcasts or the cable TV network and coverts them into analog video streams. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Unfortunately, recent versions of ATI’s Remote Wonder software seem to have a tendency to crash for no reason, robbing one of control of the PC and throwing an error message:.

Customize The Tech Report LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. Steam names the best-selling games of About Author I’ve been reviewing products since and started out at Gaming Nexus.

ATI All-In-Wonder X1900

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Even more of the total, complete, borderline-intimidating package.

You can do your time shifting with this application as well as record the radio broadcasts. At the bottom left of all-in-sonder card in the picture above, you can see a rectangular gold plating covering the AIW’s TV tuner. We tested at the standard x resolution. Make sure that you can live with any connectors or jumpers that might interfere with extended length of this card.


There were a few motherboards where I put the card in and it blocked some SATA connectors as well as other connections. There are plenty of physics and particle effects and the models are x11900 detailed.

The Remote Wonder Plus.

This tuner works in concert with ATI’s own Theater video decoder chip, which is on the underside of the board and not shown in the picture above. The small tuner uses less power than their older Philips boxes and the space saved over the older tuner is tremendous.

ATI ALL-IN-WONDER X1900 graphics card – Radeon X1900 – 256 MB

While it does have some differences over the regular line, the All-in-Wonder X card holds its own against other cards and it’s inexpensive when compared to the other X cards. A small USB receiver attaches to your PC and a simple driver installation is all you need to get it up and running. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.