Each symbol in the payload portion of the packet represents 3 baseband bits. This improves the dynamic range of the receiver, improving performance in interference limited environments. This architecture minimises the intervention required by the processor during transmission and reception. Full details are in the software release note for the specific build from www. Output is high impedance when chip is in Deep Sleep mode. Minimum and maximum values specified are only given as guidance to the final specification limits and must not be considered as the final values. Bluetooth has previously been restricted to application in ink-jet printers but EDR will enable data to be transmitted at speeds suitable for laser printers.

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On transmit their outputs are combined using an external balun into the single-ended output required for the antenna. The synthesiser is guaranteed to lock in sufficient time across the guaranteed temperature range to meet the Bluetooth v2.

Zero is the default entry for 5ms delay. The enhanced data rate modem uses the RF Ports, Wclsp, Transmitter and Synthesiser, with the baseband components described in Section 4.

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SPI Write Operation buecore4-pc-rom. If the external clock is applied to the analogue pad AIO[0], the digital signal should be driven with a maximum 1. Channel skipping AFH, priority signalling, channel signalling and host passing of channel instructions are all supported. CSR recommends that these supply rails are all powered at the same time. This feature is typically used to remove initial tolerance frequency errors associated with the crystal.


All hardware and device firmware is fully compliant with the Bluetooth v2. Before transmitting, the chip normally ramps up the bluecore4-pc-rkm to the internal PA, then it ramps it down again afterwards.

In the implementation shown in Section More drive strength is required for higher frequency crystals, higher loss crystals larger Rm or higher capacitance loading.

The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap – ppt video online download

An equivalent series inductance can represent the package parasitics. The DAC output is derived from the on-chip band gap and is virtually independent of temperature and supply voltage.

SPI Read Operation 8. For example, the arrows shown in Figure 4. All detailed specifications including pinouts and electrical specifications may be changed by CSR wlczp notice.

The MCU, interrupt controller and event timer run the Bluetooth software blkecore4-pc-rom and control the Bluetooth radio and host interfaces. Page, Inquiry, Page-Scan and Inquiry-Scan All standard pairing, authentication, link key and encryption operations Standard Bluetooth power saving mechanisms: It can tolerate voltages up to 4.



The crystal appears inductive near its resonant frequency. The transconductance required for oscillation is defined by the relationship shown in Equation 5. Reserved for TX monitoring. Trademarks, Patents and Licences Unless otherwise stated, words and logos marked with? To improve the performance of both Bluetooth and Intel wireless co-existence, internally reserved.

To contact a CSR representative, email sales csr. Bluetooth has previously been restricted to application in ink-jet printers but EDR will enable data to be transmitted at speeds suitable for laser printers. Signals selectable on this interface include the band gap reference voltage and a variety of clock signals: The value of the PS Key is a multiple of 1kHz, so This value is set in milliseconds from ms.

The bluecore-pc-rom amplifier may be considered as a circuit that provides negative resistance. Crystal Equivalent Circuit The resonant frequency may be trimmed with the crystal load capacitance. This is achieved using two new distinct modulation schemes. Total trim range is 0 to