Introduction to Green Screen — What it is and how it works. Although the DVRaptor-RT still doesn’t quite manage to outshine the Matrox RT in all areas, users will be delighted to have a product that offers excellent value. The solution offers over 38 real-time effects. The “Video 2” timeline is available for additional effects, such as fading in text, pre-title sequences or end titles and credits. How to Sync Dual System Sound.

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Evraptor MediaStudio Pro 5. The toughest part is if you have to free up an IRQ. Another nice feature of the DVRaptor is its two composite and two S-video connectors, so you can wire your camcorder into it to act as a pass-through to your NTSC monitor.

All Things Reconsidered All things considered, the DVRaptor is a great choice for the digital camcorder owner looking to get into all-digital nonlinear editing. However, ddvraptor you cvraptor installed the programs in the right order, you’re in for a long, drawn-out installation. A large part dvraptpr its appeal to users can be attributed to the ease with which hardware manufacturers can integrate their own tailored plug-ins into the software.

Be careful, though, since working in these formats might cause the quality of your material to suffer. Thanks to the well-tuned software, PC systems furnished with a CPU clocked at speeds of over MHz can squeeze many more effects out of the card with almost real-time processing capability.


The unit we tested came with Ulead MediaStudio Pro 5.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 – video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

You have entered an incorrect email address! This utility allows you to do manual capture, batch capture and seamless capture. Notify me of new posts by email.

You can define the settings in this window. A sample Video 1A is displayed in the monitor window.

Example of the highpass filter, which eliminates bass, leaving only treble sound. The middle timeline, labeled “Transition,” is reserved for transitions you select from an effects library. How to Sync Dual System Sound.

Likely contenders for disabling: There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. With this structure, the best way canopjs using the timelines is to place the clips on 1A and 1B consecutively.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 Max Capture Card – VideoHelp

Of course, if you prefer working directly with QuickTime or Windows Media, you can also select either of these formats. Users can utilize the following real-time effects and transitions though not all are listed under the “Canopus” menu item: Cannopus video from a camcorder is a snap.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Canopus also said they began bundling Boris FX 3. One should be used for the operating system and applications, and the other dvfaptor be used exclusively for video and audio files. The reason for proceeding in this order is simple: Canopus has a list of recommended camcorders for the Dvrraptor www. The process requires you to reboot your PC several times. The DVRaptor handled the Elura nicely.

Video Filters Video filters can be used on any video track, allowing you to optimize or modify your footage as you wish.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 Max – VideoHelp Capture Card

After the first attempt, the DVRaptor was set to work. Timeline The timeline is the most important video-editing tool in the entire software package.

After downloading the latest drivers, www.

If you’re interested in converting analog AV material to a digital format, you can either purchase the analog-digital converter ADVC or try your vvraptor with a device from another manufacturer.