Incorrect paper size is loaded in Load the specified paper in the specified trays. Click the Create button. Cancel button In the Menu mode, returns to the standby mode without saving any settings. To change printer settings that only affect jobs using the PCL emulation printer language. Nearest Size Substitutes paper from the multipurpose feeder. Dell Toner Management DTMS features “intelligent” software that can proactively alert you when your printer cartridge begins to run low.

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Double-click the icon on your desktop.

Select Configure New Wired Vell, or Install Driver and Software for existing network printer to install the printer software on your computer. For information on how to install the duplexer, see “Installing a Duplexer. To specify the font size for scalable typographic fonts.

On the Wireless configuration is now complete screen, create the wireless setting sent to the multifunction printer on your computer following the steps below, and then click Next. Remove any print jobs from the tray before pulling the tray out of the multifunction printer.

Dell 3115cn Printers

Select the Wireless Networks tab. If you do not enter the correct password, the fax will not be sent. Slide both guides until they rest lightly against the edge of the print media stack. To launch the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool, type the network printer IP address in your Web browser, and the printer scannet appears on the screen.


Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

On the Setting-Ready Printer screen, verify that the correct IP address is assigned to the multifunction printer lasfr which the wireless setting is set, and then click Install. You can configure the basic network parameters through the multifunction printer’s operator panel. Select the paper type from the operator panel if any print media other than plain print media is loaded. To adjust the density to make the copy lighter or darker than the original.

The layout of the page is divided into three sections mentioned below: Set Local Printer 2.

Scan to PC Purpose: To display the current settings of the operator panel menus. To print the documents failed to transfer when Forward Set Print is set to Off.

Use grain long papers for best results. Remove the wireless printer adapter cap from the control board by releasing the cap’s hooks. The outer levers on both sides Install a multifunction printer to the already-operating wireless network When wireless setting is already set to your computer Insert the Drivers and Utilities CD into your computer to launch the installation software.


You can order consumables by phone or from the web. Incorrect paper size is loaded in Load the specified paper in the specified trays. Select the setting that you send to the multifunction printer in the list in Preferred Network group. For Scanndr Communicator 7.

Default Subject Enter the subject of e-mail. Do either of the following: Remove the single thumbscrew from the top of the plate covering the wireless printer adapter socket and then remove the plate.

Dell CN MFP Printer | Argecy

Never try to lift the multifunction printer while facing its right and left sides. Close the transfer belt unit by pulling it down. A list of available printers appears. Paper Size Specifies the default paper size. It is useful for accessing the PABX exchange.

Lighter2 Lighter1 Sharpness Softer Adjusts sharpness of color to make the copy softer than the original. For details about loading a document, see “Loading an Original Document “.