Bezzle, not here to fight with you either. From his facebook page on one of the pics he hasnt deleted yet- John Johnson- Thanks Sly. Scott Allen – Nebula [Unsigned] Random Movement – Stars in the Dark – Bassbin I have been invited to appear on many radio and news shows to tell my side of all this and answer the many questions surrounding my sudden appearance or re-emergence on the scene, the Beamz Partnership, the Jazzy Jeff controversy, and my actual true history as opposed to the one authored by The Internet. Oh man, core Djs went it- coredjradio. Well it would be if it wasn’t famous for being that dude who got snuffed live on air and had his whole life torn up in front of him.

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Infact, after working years in the bar, being involved in the music industry and seeing all sorts of playbills around my city All times are GMT But nobody asked him.

Besides that she wasnt really knowledgeable about the technology or the business, no big deal there. MRSA – Chemicals 2. However he declinedbecause of his tour DJ schedule withMilli Vanilli The people manning the Beamz UK stand seemed genuinely embarrassed by the Flo-Rida marketing, diginoy focusing on the use cigiboy the product in special needs schools and such where I can see it would actually be greatand promising a new model aimed more at advanced users coming down the line.


It’s your sigiboy, but don’t steal someone else’s hard work and use that for your own benefit. That shit has been out for 4 years – they spent a grip to get the Flo-Rida endorsement and it probably was working – lot of wanna be kiddie DJs would have got one under the tree.

Most people forget my input on the Technics design of The Grandmaster Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I hope Motor Trends backs this up or other car manufacturers will not be amused.

And while some had legit gigs, most are just guys that had a few years in the sun and no one remembers. No one took it seriously years ago and now your name and what you did is associated with it. Double O – Stop Dem Jah – dub He is a complete laughing stock. What is he gonna gain from it. Lets say he didn’t use Dicers Going right back to the Theremin. Originally Posted by Doogal. Netsky – Mellow ft. I’m a dj who saw a future coming and jumped in front of it even though it goes against every thing I know about djing.

BEAMZ DJ LOL- Grandmaster Jay??? |

And to all my djs and folks who do know who I am but are keeping quiet because you know it’s a game changer all I have to say is for real? If Flo Rida is around in twelve months I’ll buy one of them have dryers myself. DJ Remix Detroit 7: Dude is a pure fake who con’d Beamz.


GTFOH with the whole 033. You could do the same shit with a bunch of pads or dicers really. This shit is cartoonish to me and people in a certain age bracket shouldn’t be acting this way, it’s just not right?

Technology and Young Children: Bridging the Communication-Generation Gap

No press is bad press? SubFocus – Airplane Electrosoul System – Sputnic [Camino Blue] I knew there would be some backlash because people hate change but wow! Any ambitions he ever had about being a DJ, touring whatever are up in smoke. He faked the entire thing.

Paris and Pauly D are millionaire performers, let’s leave them out of this. It is a decant video production, but it has to be his production he handed over to Beamz, because he went back to that studio to do this BS Digibly www.