As far as the download, Avid has a seemless download process, that was very easy to install, and it installs all the software and VI stuff at the same time. Shouldn’t Cakewalk notify the potential customer that there are certain interfaces that may not work with thier software? Yes, the driver will only work on systems running Windows XP. If this occurs, let the system complete its reboot, then manually reboot the system again to regain ASIO functionality. Yes, the driver will only work on systems running Windows XP.

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Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware.

Yes, the ASIO Driver can also be used as a stand-alone driver without Pro Toolswith any of the Digidesign hardware systems listed at the top of this page. I ended up with two Dimension Synths, one worked and the other had no audio output. Let us know how it works out. To turn off transition effect:.

Pro Tools LE 6. When using Propellerhead Reason with an Again, there is absolutely nothing we can do about Avid’s hardware.


That was easy to fix. That was the only glitch I came across at this point with Sonar. Yes, with some Digidesign hardware.

Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware. | Cakewalk Forums

I had to wipe and reinstall the graphics drivers on three computers after that waste of time, just to get them functional again.

I really, really wish I could get my money back Fog Max Output Level: The software synths sound incredible Don’t be mad at the Cakewalk guys Should this happen, use a higher Buffer Size setting.

Full-duplex recording and playback of and bit audio are supported at sample rates supported by the hardware and ASIO program used. Windows XP has the un-zip capability built into the XP operating system.

We haven’t seen much mention of protools or avid interfaces lately. Doing so will cause unexpected errors to occur. Audio output is not effected.

Digidesign WaveDriver & ASIO Drivers

Audio output is not effected. The space you have will always be exceeded in direct proportion to the amount of stuff you have Pro Tools LE 6.

There are many different soundcards out there that work just fine with X Unfortunately, we can’t write drivers for hardware that isn’t ours.


User Control Panel Log out. Should this happen, use a higher Buffer Size setting. If you have one of the Pro Tools 5. Doing so will cause unexpected errors to occur. To the english professor that commeted about my lack of paragraphs, sorry If I adjust anything having to do with latency, in WDM driver mode, the program locks up, If I run in ASIO mode, the time line ruler will move about half a second and freeze, as the audio keeps playing. This is because Native Instruments Program inputs only work with hardware that reports a bit data path.

Welcome to the forums!!!! The following sections document known issues you may encounter in using the ASIO Driver, along with workarounds if they exist. For example, Steinberg Nuendo v1.