This module supports multiple devices, autoprobe and hotplugging. The YaST installation used to have two stages, separated by a reboot. Feed the beast If you are a developer planning to use CFA to manipulate a given configuration file, you must take into account that you will need to provide the parser and satisfy all its requirements. In the upcoming sprints, YaST will be adapted to retrieve licensing, release notes, etc. Trying on Running System and then run zypper install yast2-partitioner.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, here you have 3, words: Insserv removal Forrmedia is a complex and large piece software. More to comeā€¦ very soon We want to have a shorter and more agile feedback loop regarding our development efforts. That means some irrelevant pieces of the configuration file are not represented in the model.

Copy or symlink the file formmedia if you get an error regarding firmware downloading after upgrading the kernel. The NM chip can be linked internally with non-AC97 codecs.

6 channel sound card with Formedia FM 801

We are already working in finishing the unfinished stuff and implementing new exciting improvements. So the contents and callbacks all live in their own class which is then used in dialogs.

For this and some other reasons we decided to replace the proprietary SCR with something else. In writing, you can send the following commands to the snd-page-alloc driver:. You have been reading for months about the new stack for managing storage devices and the new features and improvements it will bring to the installation.


But apart from looking into the future, we keep taking care of the existing YaST modules and its supported scenarios. This module is aliased as snd-cs since it provides the old snd-cs functionality, too. To enable the auto-loading of multiple cards, specify the number of sound cards in that option.

It means that time to time some pieces that used to be great and shiny become obsolete and end up being useless. If you are a developer planning to use CFA to manipulate a given configuration file, you must take into account that you will need to provide the parser and satisfy all its requirements. The problem is that the tool cannot collect the translatable strings from interpolations. And we just keep YaSTing! Although some of them were really caused by bugs in the YaST code, others were a consequence of a buggy Ruby rxgettext script which collects the translatable strings from the Ruby source code.

It stands for Common Widget Manipulation and it is an old procedural YaST module which puts together a widget, its help and its callbacks.

openSUSE Lizards

As formfdia side effect it shortened the list of YaST dependencies and, in the end, it is another small step towards smaller installation. As you can see in your own system or in the screenshots, the following items are already functional. As part of the Expert Partitioner rewrite, we created new types of reusable widgets, like Table or Treethat are now available for its usage in any YaST module. And OBS will even auto-clean the branch when the submit-request is accepted.

Otherwise, you need to load the firmware via hdsploader utility included in alsa-tools package. Apart from being able to install a system based on an AutoYaST profile, it also offers the interface to export the current system configuration, including the foredia layout, to a profile in order to reproduce the system later. formediz


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This process has now been automated. After dealing with quite some details too technical and boring for this blog but feel free to ask if you want the gory bitsYaST is shining again in Factory, which means we are no longer blocking the adoption of Ruby 2.

Remember this is a last resort, and should be avoided as much as possible The world changes every day formedix we are always adapting YaST to remain shiny.

Module has fk801 enable and formevia options. On these channels, up to 4 streams can be played at the same time, and the controller can perform sample rate conversion with separate rates for each channel.

Limitations The model described above has some handicaps, mainly affecting the developers but visible sometimes for the users as well.

Is responsible for the direct access to the configuration files. But so far there was no way to view and fine-tune the details of those devices. Many of those features and custom configurations live in a package called yast2-caasporiginally foemedia to this great upcoming product built on top of the SLESP2 codebase.