The primary controller strip is similar to that of the Creative Zen Micro, but it offers better menu handling and utilizes a different technology that we think is more tactile than the Zen Micro’s. No on-device file deletion. Each of these options also allows you to play all tracks in a specific folder. I use my H10 nearly every day for both business and pleasure. In conclusion, if you have lots of money, by the iPod.

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iriver H10 20GB

About the Author Mike Kobrin. This is a downer, since one of the niceties of the micro hard drive versions is the ability to swap the battery out with a fresh one. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, Not as many trendy accessories With that said I have done well what I got was what you read a simple understatement mp3 player with a whole lot of kick for a lot less than Ipod,it does the job and then some and then a little more I am thrilled at the lil terror it holds all my music currently well over 5k I will never listen to that it records an plays radio excelent for the job it holds pdf and can be used as mass storage device.

If you have the big headset that covers your whole ear, there is no fuzz, but if you have the tiny little earphones, there is thing little fuzzy noise. You’ll find yourself reaching for buttons a lot.


See details for additional description. It’s a good thing, too–without a dedicated volume control our second gripeit’s necessary to return to this screen to turn down the volume with the touch strip. Plus, it’s compatible with Janus–yes, it is PlaysForSure enabled–out of the box. We were able to get I like to really hear the kick drum and bass guitar rolling along while also getting plenty of bite from the upper registers.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s If you see fit to fork over the cash for the H10, you’ll find yourself with quite a player.

Rockbox iriver H10 20GB Daily Builds

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Fiddling with the SRS 3D field width and the Focus settings changed the sound, but not in ways we found pleasing. When I first started looking at MP3 players, the H10 provided me with all the features that I was looking for: It sucks that it’s a proprietary cable, so if you want to manage files both at home and at work or some such, then you’ll either need to buy a spare cable or carry the thing with you everywhere.

Its windows based not Mac 2: We wish iriver had incorporated the H’s highest-quality recording setting of Kbps, as well as voice activation and mic sensitivity adjustment. With my regular Sennheiser Pros, the H10 sounds excellent.

The medium setting nearly eliminates the whine, but there is a trade-off in sound quality.

Compare the iriver H10 and the Apple iPod side by side in our comparison table More digital music player reviews: As of this review date, this is a great MP3 player to pick h100 if you are interested in getting a lot of storage space for a great price.


There is no removable storage space such as a SD slot, etc. As a reasonable guesstimate, while scrolling my finger at somewhat quick speeds, I could scroll through about a dozen folders in a single swipe of the strip.

Down below is a proprietary dock-connector port. With the built-in timer, you can record radio programs at predetermined time in iRiver digital media player.

Like the iPod’s jog wheel, the touch strip is speed-sensitive so you can easily scroll through a bunch of albums. Actually, that’s not entirely true; things can become distorted with the included headphones, but that’s because they’re crap. Still though, the basic functionalities of the player are excellent. Ok so now you ask am I crazy why give up all the good, massive parts and add on’s, ability to customize why??????? Working through the interface with this setup is extremely easy and very fast.

The itiver setting sounds good, but you can hear the hard drive whine in the background. It’s an odd setup in that the cable that it ships with splits into two parts, one USB connector for your PC and a power input, to which you can connect the included AC Adaptor.