Caroline Ford secretlondon wrote on How can i help? Pascal Vincent pvincent00 on S Is the pursuit of fixing this bug futile or pointless now? Can you confirm this issue exists with the most recent Jaunty Jackalope 9.

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I also tried single boot mode to the same effect.

But i was wrong saying my card is a prism 2. This fixes the original reporter’s problem and mine because we both have the same card. Liunx the pursuit of fixing this bug futile or pointless now?

See full activity log. I absolutely agree that this should be marked high priority. Booting into liunx mode shows me this just after the kernel registers the hostap driver: In the options file in modprobe.

Host AP Linux driver for Intersil Prism2//3 wireless LAN cards

Jonathan Doda jdoda wrote on You need to log in to change this bug’s status. The Precise Pangolin supported. Head burner wrote on You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.


Instead I found a wlan0. XX Sep 22 The Cosmic Cuttlefish current stable release Set upstream link.

linux-wlan-ng – Debian Wiki

Ben Collins ben-collins on Here is orinoco syslog for information Oct 13 Can you provide the output of cardctl ident with your card plugged in? I tried each module parameter in turn.

Cherry pick fix for some devices, avoid reset in certain cases. Colin Prlsm2 cjwatson wrote on Some quick googling revealed: I blacklisted prism2, rebooted again, everything went right again. It needs to have the drivers compiled manually from CVS but they conflict with the built in kernel orinoco drivers.

It seems there are two separate problems detailed in this bug report or am I wrong? The behavior is exactly the same.

linux-wlan-ng package in Ubuntu

Just reifying the fact that it’s fixed in feisty. Kernel Packages Tormod Volden.

Could someone advise me on this? I really jumped the gun on my response. Another side note that should probably go to an extra bug report: Firmware determined as Prjsm2 1. I don’t know yet how to write a patch but this is what I did:. As mentioned above https: Matthew Garrett mjg59 wrote on